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Whether you’re taking on a home renovation project in your free time, or working full-time as a professional contractor, having a quality, dependable workspace is a must. You need a workstand and workbench product that is sturdy, safe, and durable enough to outlast whatever woodworking challenge you throw at it.

Luckily, Bora Tools offers a full range of Centipede® workbenches and accessories that are designed with comfort, efficiency, and performance in mind. The last thing you want or need to be concerned with is comfort—Bora’s line of Centipede® products allows you to focus on your work without adding any extra stress on your shoulders.  

Hard work and superior craftsmanship go hand-in-hand. That belief is what Bora Tools had in mind when they developed the BORA Centipede® CTC6 Workstand. Regardless of where you’re getting the job done—at an outdoor worksite, in your own driveway, or within the comfort of your personal workshop, you need a workstand that is tall enough to prevent you from injuring your back and tough enough to deliver the results you demand.

Designed especially with the taller craftsman in mind, this workstand creates the ideal portable, flexible workstation (approximately a 2 ft. by 4 ft. space) quickly and easily—all with virtually no setup required.

A simple, done-in-seconds setup gives you more time for diving straight into your work, remaining focused and on-track with your timeframe. No matter what you’ve got in mind—holding power tools, heavy machinery, finished projects, or glue-ups—the BORA Centipede®  CTC6 can execute it effortlessly.

The BORA Centipede®  CTC6 is versatile enough to work in a variety of environments due to being so lightweight and portable. However, don’t let the ease of moving and setting up this particular workstand fool you—heavy-duty performance is also a part of this premium product’s benefits.

This particular innovative product is 36” in height, making it taller than its other Centipede® counterparts by 6 inches. A taller height allows for a more upright user position, saving strain and other potential physical problems from arising with your back while working long hours. The last thing you need is to have your project derailed by an easily avoidable back injury. Let the expert design of the Centipede® take care of you.

How heavy-duty are we talking? Well, the Centipede® CTC6 is made of steel construction, for starters, and has a 2500 pound capacity. If that weren’t proof enough, the struts’ flexibility can readily absorb the impact from heavy objects and machinery should the unexpected happen. Additionally, it possesses the durability to far outlast the competition. Seamless, smooth operation is guaranteed with the Centipede® on your side.

Yet another bonus of using the BORA Centipede® CTC6 is the durable Polymer P-Tops—the presence of P-Tops at each point of contact eliminates the risk of scratching or marking up the surface of your project, as well as preventing saw blades from causing any unsightly damage to the struts.

Adding to the unmatched versatility of the Polymer P-Tops is the 360-degree rotational spin, allowing the accommodation of all Centipede® accessories you may choose to incorporate in order to expand worksite options and functionality.

 Centipede® Workstands and Workbenches Pair Perfectly

When you need a workbench that can match the stellar sturdiness and heavy-duty performance of your Centipede® Workstand, only a workbench from the Centipede® line will do.

Turn your workspace—wherever it may be—into the ultimate craftsman’s paradise with the easy-to-use, hard to top CK22TM Centipede® Workbench Tabletop with 20mm MFT type dog holes. This stable, super-sturdy tabletop fastens securely to your Centipede® Workstand’s P-tops, with six easy-to-use twist lock handles.

If you’re in the market for a workspace that’s quick and easy to set up and break down for flexibility and optimal portability, the search stops here.  

The dependability of the twist-lock handles allows for worry-free, peace of mind while you’re working on your latest project. Forget wasted time and extra stress spent fretting over your workspace shifting and sliding out from under you—the heavy-duty durability won’t let you down. Plenty of 20 mm, evenly-spaced dog holes and a high-weight capacity (2000 pounds) make the possibilities of your Centipede® Metric Tabletop virtually limitless.

Interested in adding accessories? The CK22TM model is compatible with a number of add-ons, including the Centipede® X-Cup Bracket, Quick Clamp, and Non-Slip accessories, to name a few.

Explore all this model has to offer and expand your repertoire of woodworking abilities, whether you’re a craftsman by trade or a DIY enthusiast.

View the Bora Centipede range here

Simply powerful – maximum precision over large distances.

Are you tasked with horizontal and vertical levelling for major outdoor projects? Do you need to work precisely and avoid costly measurement errors and rework? Then the LAR 160 from STABILA is the right rotation laser for you. It is quick to set up, easy to operate and also suitable for use over large distances when linked to a receiver. All in all, it is a high-quality product that can endure the elements and deliver precise results – exactly what you need.

For more information and full product specification:

View the Stabila LAR160 here

View the 7-piece LAR160-LSET including here






Simple, precise, green – the high-performance partner over large distances in interior construction.

Are you tasked with horizontal and vertical levelling for major interior construction projects? Do you need to work precisely and avoid costly measurement errors and rework? Then the STABILA LAR 160 G with green laser beams is the right rotation laser for you. Quick to set up and easy to operate, the laser really comes into its own when used over large distances and linked to a receiver. All in all, it is a high-quality product that delivers precise results.

For more information and full product specification:

View the Stabila LAR160G here

View the 7-piece LAR160G-LSET here

Tradespeople can be the first past the post when it comes to assembling their equipment ready for work with the new Bora Speedhorse available exclusively in the UK through Hyde.

When you need to visit multiple worksites in a day, you need equipment that's fast and easy to set up, take down, and transfer from one location to another. 

The Bora Portamate PM-4500 Speedhorse™ is the ultimate upgrade for your job site, workspace, or workshop. Shave precious time off site setup and teardown so you can get to work faster and complete jobs more efficiently. The Speedhorse™ deploys 30x faster than conventional sawhorses — just pull the release button in the middle of the frame.

Designed for flexibility in a wide variety of environments, this sawhorse is built tough to withstand heavy projects ranging from construction and carpentry to furniture builds. And when the job is finished, simply pull the levers and fold the legs up — doesn't matter which order.

This contractor-grade sawhorse will revolutionize your worksite to help you work more quickly and efficiently while continuing to produce professional results. 

Is your horse built for speed?

For more information click here or call 0121 705 7987.




Dependable, Reliable... DURUM

DURUM tools have been forged out of necessity, With global leading innovation to builid new and better tools, DURUM is also reigniting some tried and tested manufacturing techniques. DURUM’s tools are durable, reliable and strong.

  • Get the job done Better
  • Get the job done Faster
  • Make the tools last Longer

Durum Screwdriver Bits range use the best quality steel and are strengthened to exacting standards they are precision cut to give the user outstanding results with every bit and are ideally suitable for use with impact drivers, drills and screwdrivers.


“Torsion zones are essential for drill bits that are used in impact drills”


Torsion zones actually reduce the amount of torque delivered to the tip to reduce breakage.

Durum have developed a new screwdriver bit made using a special high grade steel that doesn’t require a torsion zone to work in an impact driver. This results in a bit that delivers more torque to the tip - and a quicker result. In tests, driving a long screw into a piece of hardwood, the Durum bit drove the screw in 38% quicker than a popular impact bit used in the same test.


“A drill bit made to a din standard is a good bit”


Din standards are outdated and don’t reflect modern power tools & impact drivers.

A cheap standard steel bit could have the same DIN standard as an expensive Impact bit for example. DURUM bits far exceed the DIN standard - and can deal with the high torque of impact drivers.


“A good bit is an expensive bit”


Torsion zones are expensive to manufacture into a bit.

Not only does the DURUM bit provide more efficient driving but because no extra working is required to produce the torsion zone, savings can be made in manufacturing. So although the costs of the steel and hardening method are high, the overall process means that DURUM can produce a “top end bit” at “mid-range pricing”.


“All PZ2 bits fit PZ2 screws perfectly”


Not all bits are precision designed & manufactured.

DURUM bits are developed for a precision fit to their respective fasteners; so a PZ2 bit fits snuggly into a PZ2 headed screw. This precision fit results in a longer lasting bit and fastener, with no cam out as well as a better finish when the finish is important (e.g. coloured fasteners).

View the range of Durum products here or contact our sales office on 0121 704 2324

Power tools are a staple of any tradesmen’s tool box these days. From plumbers to sparkies, it will be rare that more than a few hours go by without them reaching for their trusty drill to give them more power to their elbow. Impact drivers are now commonly used, for example, to make light work of loosening stubborn nuts and screws and ensuring a secure fit during installation.

Applying a hammer strike to the bit before turning it continuously 180°, an impact driver has a higher torque than a standard screwdriver, reducing hand fatigue, increasing efficiency and generally making the installer’s job a whole lot easier. The trouble with such products is that they rarely live up to their promise, which is never a good thing for merchants who then risk being faced with an unsatisfied customer. The problem doesn’t lie with the tool itself, but with the bit, which until now, has been unable to cope with the power.

The choice, until now, has been for installers to buy a premium bit that lasts longer than a standard bit or buy cheaper bits that break quickly. The only solution has been for manufacturers to introduce torsion zones to protect the bit and stop them breaking. When driving in a screw with an impact driver using a Torsion Impact Bit, less power gets to the screw. In essence, each 180® turn applied by the drill is being reduced by the torsion zone. Making that shiny new impact driver the installer invested in from their trusty merchant less of a power tool and more of a tool, essentially.

However, there may just be an alternative way for installers to stop suffering from broken drill bits and for merchants to save their bacon. Durum is a new brand from Australian manufacturer Josco, just landing on these shores courtesy of Hyde, which aims to put the impact back into impact drivers. Designed to fit European and UK fasteners, Durum impact screwdriver bits deliver more torque to the tip, maximising the power of the tool itself by transferring virtually all the torque directly to the screw. This means the bits are up to 38% quicker than a torsion bit, while the precision tip offers a perfect fit to the screw for maximum efficiency and reduced cam out.

More power to the screw doesn’t come at the expense of the installer’s pocket in this instance either, as Durum bits are actually cheaper to make, with no requirement for a torsion zone to be engineered in; a cost that the manufacturer is happy to pass on to its customers. Longer-term, they’ve been tested to last as long as a premium bit, so it really is a win-win for merchants who can look forward to satisfied customers thanks to a little more power to their elbow.

For more information on the Durum range and to get stock today contact your local sales rep or contact our sales office on 0121 7042324.

Extensive, expensive and time-consuming touch-up work prior to galvinizing is a thing of the past thanks to the latest launch from Markal; the Galvanizer's Removable Paint Marker.

Simple to use to make durable marks on steel during fabrication, the marks are designed to be removed completely during the pickling process prior to galvanizing. Weather resistant, fast drying and xylene free, the Markal Galvanizer's Removable Paint Marker boasts a durable acrylic nib that marks precisely on smooth, rough and rusty metal surfaces.

With a marking range of 20°F to 130°F, the marker can be used on a wide range of materials aside from metal, including rubber, rood, plastic, stone and glass. Available in a choice of white or yellow, the Markal Galvanizer's Removable Marker is an essential tool for the tradesman’s toolbag.

Product Features

  • Durable paint marks during fabrication. Marks are removed completely during the pickling process
  • More marks per marker - more than 2x longer write-out vs leading competitor
  • Fast drying and xylene free
  • Weather resistant paint formula
  • Durable acrylic nib marks on smooth, rough and rusty metal surfaces
  • Medium bullet tip nib makes precise marks
  • Marking range: -20°F to 130°F (-29°C to 55°C)
  • Choice of white or yellow

View the products here

The new Kaptiv ™ line of Base boots is a youthful style of work boots featuring i-daptive ™ technology: an intelligent and active system which adapts to different conditions of use. The new patented Base Protection i-daptive ™ technology is added to the catalogue of previous innovations such as Tpu-Skin® and Dry'n Air®. 

As always, the inspiration for this latest innovation is the comfort of the worker. Kaptiv offers a complete system with multiple benefits: movement cushioning, energy dissipation and stabilisation of the foot. The Kaptiv ™ line of footwear, thanks to the i-daptive ™ patent, can be suitably worn on a variety of surfaces and is suitable for use whether the job requires indoor or outdoor work. Kaptiv ™ is comfortable when you are continuously moving around on the jobsite and when you are crouching in one fixed position while working in a task. In both cases, i-daptive ™ is highly flexible and dissipates the energy created from contact between the footwear and the floor, reducing the painful consequences that can be felt along the legs, up to the spinal column.

The new i-daptive ™ technology stabilises your walk to correct posture and help bring the foot back on axis, thereby reducing the risk of trauma and dislocations. The system manages to neutralise uneven or rough terrain like the presence of gravel, making everything feel more stable underfoot. One of the smartest benefits from i-daptive ™ is the way in which it optimises the pace and rebound, as being appropriate either for extreme conditions or during normal movements on flat surfaces. Each of us places our feet differently. It is for this reason that we often see wear on the inside or outside of the soles of shoes. i-daptiveconstantly addresses this issue, too, and it helps to ensure the foot remains on a stable axis at all times.

View the full BASE range here


Comfortable, protected, affordable and vegan-friendly, welcome to the Izar Top and Matar Top safety boots - new for 2018 from BASE, the stylish Italian safety footwear manufacturers. 


The Matar Top is suitable for many types of light trades from plastering and carpentry to driving and fork lifts, but the inclusion of Electro Static Discharge protection also makes it suitable for working with electronics and in manufacturing assembly environments, too. The premium quality synthetic microfibre makes the boot suitable for vegans. With a water-resistant upper and PU over-cap, it is extra hard-wearing and a great investment.

Ideal for everyday wear and guaranteed to keep your feet feeling fresh and cushioned throughout, the BASE Matar Top features AirTech technology and a padded collar to avoid tendon inflammation and a Fresh ‘n Flex sole that bends with the user for complete flexibility when working at low levels.

The boot’s 100% metal-free toe cap helps to make it one of the lightest and most comfortable safety boots on the market, with a pre-sharped protective bend to guard against accidental detachment for more peace of mind.

Suitable for every type of floor with a high slip resistance, the Matar Top boot is also good for the health of your feet, with built-in anti-bacterial protection to protect against bacteria and bad odours and BASE’s Dry ‘n Air ESD technology resulting in high breathability to keep feet dry and rested all day long. 

View the Matar Top safety boot here



A great all-rounder, the Izar Top is an S3 safety boot suitable for general, multi-trade use, perfect for many types of trades people including plasterers, plumbers, carpenters, fork truck drivers, warehouse operatives and van drivers.

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians due to the synthetic microfibre rather than leather, the BASE Izar Top boot is extremely comfortable for everyday wear, featuring the latest technology to keep feet feeling cushioned, fresh and free of blisters.

With a bellow tongue to protect against dust and a V-shaped padded collar to guarantee comfort and avoid tendon inflammation, the Izar Top also features BASE Protection’s unique Fresh ‘n Flex and SlimCap technologies, making it one of the lightest and most flexible safety boots on the market. The metal-free toe cap is 35% thinner than the market standard thickness – while still guaranteeing to meet the legislative requirements for safety footwear - and has a perfect pre-shaped protective stripe to avoid painful pressure on toes.

Keeping feet cushioned and protected all day long, the BASE Izar Top boot has a flexible and light anti-fatigue sole to guard against tired feet thanks to its AirTech feature, with the best classification for slip resistance making it safe to wear on all surfaces.

Featuring SmellStop technology, feet are kept healthy and odours reduced, with an antibacterial lining helping to ensure they always smell fresh and clean. 

View the Izar Top safety boot here




New from Stabila and available from Hyde is the LAX 50 G cross line laser, making light work of measuring across large ranges. Giving an unrivalled level of accuracy on tasks such as tiling walls, the device produces sharp, bright laser lines on any surface thanks to the GREENBEAM technology from Stabila and is very simple to use.

Meeting all safety criteria of laser class 2 ensuring safe, comfortable operation, the LAX 50 G produces vertical and horizontal laser lines and has a wide range of attachment options making it a versatile piece of kit.

The laser has an integrated clamping device for fastening to pipes and a tripod connection thread, supported by an on/off automatic pendulum locking mechanism and rotating multi-purpose platform with a strong rare-earth magnet system.

The Stabila LAX 50 G cross line laser comes with a belt pouch and batteries, with a telescopic laser support and tripod available as optional extras, providing tradesmen with everything they need to carry out fast, accurate measurements. 

View the Stabila LAX50G here


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