The new Kaptiv ™ line of Base boots is a youthful style of work boots featuring i-daptive ™ technology: an intelligent and active system which adapts to different conditions of use. The new patented Base Protection i-daptive ™ technology is added to the catalogue of previous innovations such as Tpu-Skin® and Dry'n Air®. 

As always, the inspiration for this latest innovation is the comfort of the worker. Kaptiv offers a complete system with multiple benefits: movement cushioning, energy dissipation and stabilisation of the foot. The Kaptiv ™ line of footwear, thanks to the i-daptive ™ patent, can be suitably worn on a variety of surfaces and is suitable for use whether the job requires indoor or outdoor work. Kaptiv ™ is comfortable when you are continuously moving around on the jobsite and when you are crouching in one fixed position while working in a task. In both cases, i-daptive ™ is highly flexible and dissipates the energy created from contact between the footwear and the floor, reducing the painful consequences that can be felt along the legs, up to the spinal column.

The new i-daptive ™ technology stabilises your walk to correct posture and help bring the foot back on axis, thereby reducing the risk of trauma and dislocations. The system manages to neutralise uneven or rough terrain like the presence of gravel, making everything feel more stable underfoot. One of the smartest benefits from i-daptive ™ is the way in which it optimises the pace and rebound, as being appropriate either for extreme conditions or during normal movements on flat surfaces. Each of us places our feet differently. It is for this reason that we often see wear on the inside or outside of the soles of shoes. i-daptiveconstantly addresses this issue, too, and it helps to ensure the foot remains on a stable axis at all times.

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