The HUDS and REFINA Partnership

The NotchTile™ is a professional adhesive spreading trowel designed and tested for over 3 years. Ken Hudson of HUDS Tiling Services came to REFINA to discuss a new way in which he believed he could improve the tiling application process through various theories and modifications of existing trowels already on the market.

REFINA supported his ideas and began drafting various meticulous designs improving and innovating the traditional tiling trowel design that has failed to evolve for over 50 years. Finally, after much discussion, implementing various industry-leading manufacturing techniques, and intensive testing, the NotchTile™ was created. This premium, durable, lightweight revolutionary tiling trowel is designed for professionals
by professionals, is comfortable to handle and is suitable for all sizes and designs of tiles and slabs.

NotchTile™ Protective Coating

NotchTile™ trowels are skilfully coated in a high-quality, unique colour coded coating that helps identify the notch size, ensures the trowel is easy to clean and adds an additional layer of protection to the premium steel trowel blade over the lifetime of the tool.

This collaboration is the latest addition to the HUDS by REFINA range, building on the success of the PortaRoll; the NotchTile™ is sure to get the tiling industry talking.

NotchTile™ Trowel Design

Manufactured in different trowel lengths, left and righthanded designs, and three colour variations which depict the notch size, the NotchTile™ trowel features a distinctive laser cut H45 notch pattern.

This two-step notch is specifically designed to undercut adhesive to allow ridges to collapse with less pressure and provides maximum coverage along the surface of the application area.







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