Simply powerful – maximum precision over large distances.

Are you tasked with horizontal and vertical levelling for major outdoor projects? Do you need to work precisely and avoid costly measurement errors and rework? Then the LAR 160 from STABILA is the right rotation laser for you. It is quick to set up, easy to operate and also suitable for use over large distances when linked to a receiver. All in all, it is a high-quality product that can endure the elements and deliver precise results – exactly what you need.

For more information and full product specification:

View the Stabila LAR160 here

View the 7-piece LAR160-LSET including here






Simple, precise, green – the high-performance partner over large distances in interior construction.

Are you tasked with horizontal and vertical levelling for major interior construction projects? Do you need to work precisely and avoid costly measurement errors and rework? Then the STABILA LAR 160 G with green laser beams is the right rotation laser for you. Quick to set up and easy to operate, the laser really comes into its own when used over large distances and linked to a receiver. All in all, it is a high-quality product that delivers precise results.

For more information and full product specification:

View the Stabila LAR160G here

View the 7-piece LAR160G-LSET here

New from Stabila and available from Hyde is the LAX 50 G cross line laser, making light work of measuring across large ranges. Giving an unrivalled level of accuracy on tasks such as tiling walls, the device produces sharp, bright laser lines on any surface thanks to the GREENBEAM technology from Stabila and is very simple to use.

Meeting all safety criteria of laser class 2 ensuring safe, comfortable operation, the LAX 50 G produces vertical and horizontal laser lines and has a wide range of attachment options making it a versatile piece of kit.

The laser has an integrated clamping device for fastening to pipes and a tripod connection thread, supported by an on/off automatic pendulum locking mechanism and rotating multi-purpose platform with a strong rare-earth magnet system.

The Stabila LAX 50 G cross line laser comes with a belt pouch and batteries, with a telescopic laser support and tripod available as optional extras, providing tradesmen with everything they need to carry out fast, accurate measurements. 

View the Stabila LAX50G here


New from Stabila, the series 80 AS spirit level combines a slim profile with the latest installation technology to offer unrivalled accuracy and relability when measuring and marking.

Replacing the series 80 A, the series 80 AS has an aluminium rectangular profile with reinforcing ribs for high stability and a secure grip when in use. New anti-slip stoppers, integrated into the impact-resistant plastic end caps, ensure a firm hold when marking and prevent the spirit level from slipping.

As with all Stabila spirit levels, the vials and measuring surfaces in the series 80 AS are permanently connected, ensuring absolute precision even after many years of use. Made from highly transparent, hard-wearing acrylic glass with precision-ground inner contours and fluorescent vial fluid, the high-quality Stabila vials can be relied upon for optimum readability.

The series 80 AS has two measuring surfaces for accurate measuring in all positions, even the reverse position. Measuring accuracy is ± 0.5 mm/m in the normal position and ± 0.75 mm/m in the reverse position.

Whether frequent marking or magnets for aligning and adjusting objects are the order of the day, the series 80 AS series includes a spirit level that is suitable for any application. Available in lengths from 30cm to 120cm, the standard model Type 80 AS has one horizontal and one vertical vial, while the Type 80 AS-2 is available in lengths from 60cm to 200cm, with a second vertical vial.

Suitable for measuring tasks in metal construction and drywall construction, the Stabila Type 80 ASM has one horizontal and one vertical vial plus a rare-earth magnet system for exceptionally strong adhesion to metal objects.











View the STABILA 80AS and 80ASM range here

More than just an angle finder, the new Stabila Tech 700 DA is three tools in one, offering quick flexible and measuring on all types of work, from carpentry and joinery to metal work, tiling and drywall building. This one quality tool is more than just a digital angle finder, it is also a bevel gauge and spirit level, making it an essential piece of kit for any tradesman’s tool box.

With an extremely high measuring range from 0 – 270°, the Tech 700 DA quickly determines and transfers interior and exterior angles, with an innovative LOCK function ensuring that angles are transferred accurately and reliably. Thanks to the digital display, reference angles can be easily accepted, saved and transferred to other components, with a HOLD function saving the measured value, while the large digits and lighting that can be activated and dimmed to make the tool suitable for use under any conditions.

Tough, durable and accurate, the Tech 700 DA has two wide contact edges for accurate and reliable marking of angles in all positions, while its sophisticated design enables the high quality Stabila vials to be read even when the arm is folded in for maximum efficiency and convenience, while angle bisectors can be displayed at the touch of a button.

Supplied with a stylish protective case, the Stabila TECH 700 DA Angle Finding Level is an indispensable all-rounder, doing the work of three different tools day in, day out.

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