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DURUM tools have been forged out of necessity, With global leading innovation to builid new and better tools, DURUM is also reigniting some tried and tested manufacturing techniques. DURUM’s tools are durable, reliable and strong.

  • Get the job done Better
  • Get the job done Faster
  • Make the tools last Longer

Durum Screwdriver Bits range use the best quality steel and are strengthened to exacting standards they are precision cut to give the user outstanding results with every bit and are ideally suitable for use with impact drivers, drills and screwdrivers.


“Torsion zones are essential for drill bits that are used in impact drills”


Torsion zones actually reduce the amount of torque delivered to the tip to reduce breakage.

Durum have developed a new screwdriver bit made using a special high grade steel that doesn’t require a torsion zone to work in an impact driver. This results in a bit that delivers more torque to the tip - and a quicker result. In tests, driving a long screw into a piece of hardwood, the Durum bit drove the screw in 38% quicker than a popular impact bit used in the same test.


“A drill bit made to a din standard is a good bit”


Din standards are outdated and don’t reflect modern power tools & impact drivers.

A cheap standard steel bit could have the same DIN standard as an expensive Impact bit for example. DURUM bits far exceed the DIN standard - and can deal with the high torque of impact drivers.


“A good bit is an expensive bit”


Torsion zones are expensive to manufacture into a bit.

Not only does the DURUM bit provide more efficient driving but because no extra working is required to produce the torsion zone, savings can be made in manufacturing. So although the costs of the steel and hardening method are high, the overall process means that DURUM can produce a “top end bit” at “mid-range pricing”.


“All PZ2 bits fit PZ2 screws perfectly”


Not all bits are precision designed & manufactured.

DURUM bits are developed for a precision fit to their respective fasteners; so a PZ2 bit fits snuggly into a PZ2 headed screw. This precision fit results in a longer lasting bit and fastener, with no cam out as well as a better finish when the finish is important (e.g. coloured fasteners).

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