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STABILA 70'MAS' 32"/80cm LevelSTABILA 70'MAS' 32"/80cm Level
STABILA Wall Bracket NK100STABILA Wall Bracket NK100
STABILA Combi Set 96-2-120 & 96-2-60STABILA Combi Set 96-2-120 & 96-2-60
STABILA SPECIAL 70-2-180/120/60 SETSTABILA SPECIAL 70-2-180/120/60 SET
STABILA 80A Electronic Level 12"/30cmSTABILA 80A Electronic Level 12"/30cm
STABILA Pro Magnetic Pocket Level SingleSTABILA Pro Magnetic Pocket Level Single
STABILA Basic Pocket Level SingleSTABILA Basic Pocket Level Single
STABILA Telescopic Measuring Rod TNL 5mSTABILA Telescopic Measuring Rod TNL 5m
STABILA Tripod BST-K-XL X-Large + LiftSTABILA Tripod BST-K-XL X-Large + Lift
STABILA Batter Board Holder SR100STABILA Batter Board Holder SR100
STABILA AE Recharge Kit for AL180 LaserSTABILA AE Recharge Kit for AL180 Laser
STABILA Rechargeable Battery Pack LAR160STABILA Rechargeable Battery Pack LAR160
STABILA Rechargeable Battery Pack LAR350STABILA Rechargeable Battery Pack LAR350
STABILA AL Levelling Board 48"/120cmSTABILA AL Levelling Board 48"/120cm
STABILA AL Levelling Board 58"/150cmSTABILA AL Levelling Board 58"/150cm
STABILA AL Levelling Board 72"/180cmSTABILA AL Levelling Board 72"/180cm
STABILA AL Levelling Board 78"/200cmSTABILA AL Levelling Board 78"/200cm
STABILA AL Levelling Board 250cmSTABILA AL Levelling Board 250cm
STABILA Levelling Board 72"/180cmSTABILA Levelling Board 72"/180cm
STABILA Levelling Board 78"/200cmSTABILA Levelling Board 78"/200cm
STABILA Levelling Board 2.0m AL2L-2GSTABILA Levelling Board 2.0m AL2L-2G
STABILA Levelling Board 3.0m AL2L-2GSTABILA Levelling Board 3.0m AL2L-2G
STABILA Architect Tape 10mSTABILA Architect Tape 10m
STABILA Pocket Tape BM100, 3m Metric/Imperial ClasSTABILA Pocket Tape BM100, 3m Metric/Imperial Clas
STABILA Pocket Tape BM100, 3m Metric Class IISTABILA Pocket Tape BM100, 3m Metric Class II

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