Power tools are a staple of any tradesmen’s tool box these days. From plumbers to sparkies, it will be rare that more than a few hours go by without them reaching for their trusty drill to give them more power to their elbow. Impact drivers are now commonly used, for example, to make light work of loosening stubborn nuts and screws and ensuring a secure fit during installation.

Applying a hammer strike to the bit before turning it continuously 180°, an impact driver has a higher torque than a standard screwdriver, reducing hand fatigue, increasing efficiency and generally making the installer’s job a whole lot easier. The trouble with such products is that they rarely live up to their promise, which is never a good thing for merchants who then risk being faced with an unsatisfied customer. The problem doesn’t lie with the tool itself, but with the bit, which until now, has been unable to cope with the power.

The choice, until now, has been for installers to buy a premium bit that lasts longer than a standard bit or buy cheaper bits that break quickly. The only solution has been for manufacturers to introduce torsion zones to protect the bit and stop them breaking. When driving in a screw with an impact driver using a Torsion Impact Bit, less power gets to the screw. In essence, each 180® turn applied by the drill is being reduced by the torsion zone. Making that shiny new impact driver the installer invested in from their trusty merchant less of a power tool and more of a tool, essentially.

However, there may just be an alternative way for installers to stop suffering from broken drill bits and for merchants to save their bacon. Durum is a new brand from Australian manufacturer Josco, just landing on these shores courtesy of Hyde, which aims to put the impact back into impact drivers. Designed to fit European and UK fasteners, Durum impact screwdriver bits deliver more torque to the tip, maximising the power of the tool itself by transferring virtually all the torque directly to the screw. This means the bits are up to 38% quicker than a torsion bit, while the precision tip offers a perfect fit to the screw for maximum efficiency and reduced cam out.

More power to the screw doesn’t come at the expense of the installer’s pocket in this instance either, as Durum bits are actually cheaper to make, with no requirement for a torsion zone to be engineered in; a cost that the manufacturer is happy to pass on to its customers. Longer-term, they’ve been tested to last as long as a premium bit, so it really is a win-win for merchants who can look forward to satisfied customers thanks to a little more power to their elbow.

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