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STABILA 70'MAS' 32"/80cm LevelSTABILA 70'MAS' 32"/80cm Level
STABILA Pro Magnetic Pocket Level SingleSTABILA Pro Magnetic Pocket Level Single
STABILA Basic Pocket Level SingleSTABILA Basic Pocket Level Single
STABILA Builders Line-LevelSTABILA Builders Line-Level
STABILA KRW 2D Right Angled LevelSTABILA KRW 2D Right Angled Level
STABILA R-Type 40"/100cm LevelSTABILA R-Type 40"/100cm Level
STABILA R-Type 48"/122cm LevelSTABILA R-Type 48"/122cm Level
STABILA R-Type 72"/183cm LevelSTABILA R-Type 72"/183cm Level
STABILA R-Type 78"/200cm LevelSTABILA R-Type 78"/200cm Level
STABILA R-Type 96"/244cm LevelSTABILA R-Type 96"/244cm Level
STABILA R-Type 24"/61cm levelSTABILA R-Type 24"/61cm level
STABILA R-Type 32"/81cm LevelSTABILA R-Type 32"/81cm Level
STABILA 106T Ext.Level 183-315cm (6-10')STABILA 106T Ext.Level 183-315cm (6-10')
STABILA 106T Ext.level 213-376cm (7-12')STABILA 106T Ext.level 213-376cm (7-12')
STABILA 106TM Ext.Level 186-318cm(6-10')STABILA 106TM Ext.Level 186-318cm(6-10')
STABILA 106TM Ext.Level 216-379cm(7-12')STABILA 106TM Ext.Level 216-379cm(7-12')
STABILA 196-2 100cm/40" Level + HandholdSTABILA 196-2 100cm/40" Level + Handhold
STABILA 196-2 120cm/48" Level + HandholdSTABILA 196-2 120cm/48" Level + Handhold
STABILA 196-2 180cm/72" Level + HandholdSTABILA 196-2 180cm/72" Level + Handhold
STABILA 196-2 200cm/78" Level + HandholdSTABILA 196-2 200cm/78" Level + Handhold
STABILA 196-2 60cm/24" Level + HandholdSTABILA 196-2 60cm/24" Level + Handhold
STABILA 196-2 80cm/32" Level + HandholdSTABILA 196-2 80cm/32" Level + Handhold
STABILA 196K-2 120cm/48"Level TrowelprooSTABILA 196K-2 120cm/48"Level Trowelproo
STABILA 196-2- LED Light Level 48"/120cmSTABILA 196-2- LED Light Level 48"/120cm
STABILA 196-2 LED Light Level 24"/60cmSTABILA 196-2 LED Light Level 24"/60cm

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