SWANSON 7" Speed Square (Imperial)
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SWANSON 7inch Speed Square (Imperial). The Swanson Speed Square was first developed by company founder Albert Swanson in 1925. This innovative tool combines 5 tools into 1: 1. Try Square, 2. Miter Square, 3. Saw Guide, 4. Line Scriber, & 5. Protractor. The Speed Square is die-cast for durability and accuracy. Made of heavy-gauge aerospace aluminum alloy, it is built to last. Black-filled gradations stand out against a matte finish for easy reading. The Speed Square includes the Swanson Blue Book of Rafter Length and Roof Construction and also features markings for using the Swanson One-Number Method of rafter layout. The Swanson Speed Square is our most popular product and remains the most trusted square of its kind. Look for the Diamond cutout for genuine Swanson products.

Features and Benefits

The Speed Square, made in the USA since 1925, is essential for every carpenter, construction professional, roofer, and DIYer.

Multi-tool: Try square, miter square, saw guide, line scriber, and protractor. For what it does, the Speed Square belongs on every tradesman's tool bench.

Includes pocket-sized Swanson Blue Book—a comprehensive reference guide with our One-Number Method to help workmen make correct angle cuts for any pitched roof.

Features: 1/4 in. spaced scribing notches and the Diamond® cutout for easy rafter seat cuts and scribing the most common and popular stud widths

Gradations included for marking common, hip, valley, and jack rafters. Useful for determining and marking angles and making square cuts on boards.

Heavy-gauge billet aluminum alloy construction is die-cast for increased accuracy over laser-etched and extruded stamped rafter squares.

High-visibility, black gradations with a non-glare, matte finish for easy reading in any lighting conditions

Use this Speed Square to determine out-of-square corners, angles, etc.

When used as a saw guide, the Speed Square makes truing up a board easy

Look for the trademarked Diamond cutout on all of our genuine Swanson® products

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