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REFINA RT11 Trowel 11x4 3/4" Pre Worn SSREFINA RT11 Trowel 11x4 3/4" Pre Worn SS
REFINA RT12 Trowel 12x4 3/4" Pre Worn SSREFINA RT12 Trowel 12x4 3/4" Pre Worn SS
REFINA RT13 Trowel 13x4 3/4" Pre Worn SSREFINA RT13 Trowel 13x4 3/4" Pre Worn SS
REFINA RT14 Trowel 14x4 3/4" Pre Worn SSREFINA RT14 Trowel 14x4 3/4" Pre Worn SS
REFINA RT16 Trowel 16x4 3/4" Pre Worn SSREFINA RT16 Trowel 16x4 3/4" Pre Worn SS
REFINA PLAZIFLEX 2pc Trowel & Blade 18"REFINA PLAZIFLEX 2pc Trowel & Blade 18"
REFINA RF12 Superflex Trowel 12" SSREFINA RF12 Superflex Trowel 12" SS
REFINA RF14 Superflex Trowel 14" SSREFINA RF14 Superflex Trowel 14" SS
REFINA RF16 Superflex Trowel 16" SSREFINA RF16 Superflex Trowel 16" SS
REFINA RF18 Superflex Trowel 18" SSREFINA RF18 Superflex Trowel 18" SS

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The thinnest cutting disc in the World for stainless steel and steel has arrived in the form of the Rhodius XTK6, for a clean, sharp and precise cut on all projects. With a disc width of just 0.6 mm, the Rhodius XTK6 offers burr-free and cooler cutting with minimal effort required even on the toughest of jobs. Idea for cutting all types of steel including high-alloy and high-strength, plus painted, plastic-coated and high-strength metal sheets, the Rhodius XTK6 offers accurate, neat cutting. This is all due to the disc’s exceptionally small contact area which is even sharper in the first cut and offers a quick, cool separation with reduced blue discolouration and less requirement for rework. Ideal for cutting threaded rods with a clean finish, this latest cutting disc from leading brand Rhodius also offers the perfect solution for sectional repairs with butt welds, giving tradesmen all they need to cut through all types of stainless steel and steel efficiently while ...

No, Cool Gel will not leave any stains or residue on dry wall, stainless steel, etc. If it is not wiped off it will evaporate in 24-48 hours.

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