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Durum Screwdriver Bit PH1X50mm 1pcDurum Screwdriver Bit PH1X50mm 1pc
Durum Screwdriver Bit PH2x50mm 1pcDurum Screwdriver Bit PH2x50mm 1pc
Durum S.driver Bit PH2x50mm PHILLIPS BULK MIN 50Durum S.driver Bit PH2x50mm PHILLIPS BULK MIN 50
Durum S.driver Bit PH2x50mm PHILLIPS BULK BOX 150Durum S.driver Bit PH2x50mm PHILLIPS BULK BOX 150
Durum Screwdriver Bit PH2x75mm 1pcDurum Screwdriver Bit PH2x75mm 1pc
Durum Screwdriver Bit PH2x100mm 1pcDurum Screwdriver Bit PH2x100mm 1pc
Durum Screwdriver Bit PH2x100mm PHILLIPS BULK BOXDurum Screwdriver Bit PH2x100mm PHILLIPS BULK BOX
Durum PH2 x 150mm 1 Bit CardedDurum PH2 x 150mm 1 Bit Carded
Durum PH2 x 150mm Bit Bulk Box 50Durum PH2 x 150mm Bit Bulk Box 50
Durum DRYWALL PH2 x 50mm 1 bit CardedDurum DRYWALL PH2 x 50mm 1 bit Carded

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Dependable, Reliable... DURUM DURUM tools have been forged out of necessity, With global leading innovation to builid new and better tools, DURUM is also reigniting some tried and tested manufacturing techniques. DURUM’s tools are durable, reliable and strong. Get the job done Better Get the job done Faster Make the tools last Longer Durum Screwdriver Bits range use the best quality steel and are strengthened to exacting standards they are precision cut to give the user outstanding results with every bit and are ideally suitable for use with impact drivers, drills and screwdrivers. MYTH: “Torsion zones are essential for drill bits that are used in impact drills” TRUTH: Torsion zones actually reduce the amount of torque delivered to the tip to reduce breakage. Durum have developed a new screwdriver bit made using a special high grade steel that doesn’t require a torsion zone to work in an impact driver. This result ...

Power tools are a staple of any tradesmen’s tool box these days. From plumbers to sparkies, it will be rare that more than a few hours go by without them reaching for their trusty drill to give them more power to their elbow. Impact drivers are now commonly used, for example, to make light work of loosening stubborn nuts and screws and ensuring a secure fit during installation. Applying a hammer strike to the bit before turning it continuously 180°, an impact driver has a higher torque than a standard screwdriver, reducing hand fatigue, increasing efficiency and generally making the installer’s job a whole lot easier. The trouble with such products is that they rarely live up to their promise, which is never a good thing for merchants who then risk being faced with an unsatisfied customer. The problem doesn’t lie with the tool itself, but with the bit, which until now, has been unable to cope with the power. The choice, until now, has been for installers ...

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