REDBACKS Strapped Kneepads
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Redbacks knee pads are patented worldwide and are CE approved for use in pocketed work wear trousers. (CE5574 EN 14404-2004 + A1:2010 Type 2 Level 1) They help workers go about their duties with true confidence, allowing the knees to be comfortably suspended above hard, rough or uneven surfaces and protected against injury from sharp objects. Redbacks knee pads are the first in the world to use our patented, leaf-spring technology that evenly dissipates the user’s weight, bringing unrivalled relief from the pain and discomfort associated with kneeling.


Containing Redbacks® patented leaf spring cushioning

Designed and approved by an Ergonomist, Clinical Scientist and Biomedical Engineer

Engineered for comfort and protection

Articulated straps with dust-resistant fastening

Can be worn on bare skin or over trousers

Penetration-resistant waterproof cover

Soft, breathable inner fabric wicks away sweat

Scientifically proven to reduce point pressure and distribute weight

Designed for long term use with 100% continuous support

Thermal protection from warm or cold surfaces

Washable at 30°c

100% recyclable pad
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