Whether you’re taking on a home renovation project in your free time, or working full-time as a professional contractor, having a quality, dependable workspace is a must. You need a workstand and workbench product that is sturdy, safe, and durable enough to outlast whatever woodworking challenge you throw at it.

Luckily, Bora Tools offers a full range of Centipede® workbenches and accessories that are designed with comfort, efficiency, and performance in mind. The last thing you want or need to be concerned with is comfort—Bora’s line of Centipede® products allows you to focus on your work without adding any extra stress on your shoulders.  

Hard work and superior craftsmanship go hand-in-hand. That belief is what Bora Tools had in mind when they developed the BORA Centipede® CTC6 Workstand. Regardless of where you’re getting the job done—at an outdoor worksite, in your own driveway, or within the comfort of your personal workshop, you need a workstand that is tall enough to prevent you from injuring your back and tough enough to deliver the results you demand.

Designed especially with the taller craftsman in mind, this workstand creates the ideal portable, flexible workstation (approximately a 2 ft. by 4 ft. space) quickly and easily—all with virtually no setup required.

A simple, done-in-seconds setup gives you more time for diving straight into your work, remaining focused and on-track with your timeframe. No matter what you’ve got in mind—holding power tools, heavy machinery, finished projects, or glue-ups—the BORA Centipede®  CTC6 can execute it effortlessly.

The BORA Centipede®  CTC6 is versatile enough to work in a variety of environments due to being so lightweight and portable. However, don’t let the ease of moving and setting up this particular workstand fool you—heavy-duty performance is also a part of this premium product’s benefits.

This particular innovative product is 36” in height, making it taller than its other Centipede® counterparts by 6 inches. A taller height allows for a more upright user position, saving strain and other potential physical problems from arising with your back while working long hours. The last thing you need is to have your project derailed by an easily avoidable back injury. Let the expert design of the Centipede® take care of you.

How heavy-duty are we talking? Well, the Centipede® CTC6 is made of steel construction, for starters, and has a 2500 pound capacity. If that weren’t proof enough, the struts’ flexibility can readily absorb the impact from heavy objects and machinery should the unexpected happen. Additionally, it possesses the durability to far outlast the competition. Seamless, smooth operation is guaranteed with the Centipede® on your side.

Yet another bonus of using the BORA Centipede® CTC6 is the durable Polymer P-Tops—the presence of P-Tops at each point of contact eliminates the risk of scratching or marking up the surface of your project, as well as preventing saw blades from causing any unsightly damage to the struts.

Adding to the unmatched versatility of the Polymer P-Tops is the 360-degree rotational spin, allowing the accommodation of all Centipede® accessories you may choose to incorporate in order to expand worksite options and functionality.

 Centipede® Workstands and Workbenches Pair Perfectly

When you need a workbench that can match the stellar sturdiness and heavy-duty performance of your Centipede® Workstand, only a workbench from the Centipede® line will do.

Turn your workspace—wherever it may be—into the ultimate craftsman’s paradise with the easy-to-use, hard to top CK22TM Centipede® Workbench Tabletop with 20mm MFT type dog holes. This stable, super-sturdy tabletop fastens securely to your Centipede® Workstand’s P-tops, with six easy-to-use twist lock handles.

If you’re in the market for a workspace that’s quick and easy to set up and break down for flexibility and optimal portability, the search stops here.  

The dependability of the twist-lock handles allows for worry-free, peace of mind while you’re working on your latest project. Forget wasted time and extra stress spent fretting over your workspace shifting and sliding out from under you—the heavy-duty durability won’t let you down. Plenty of 20 mm, evenly-spaced dog holes and a high-weight capacity (2000 pounds) make the possibilities of your Centipede® Metric Tabletop virtually limitless.

Interested in adding accessories? The CK22TM model is compatible with a number of add-ons, including the Centipede® X-Cup Bracket, Quick Clamp, and Non-Slip accessories, to name a few.

Explore all this model has to offer and expand your repertoire of woodworking abilities, whether you’re a craftsman by trade or a DIY enthusiast.

View the Bora Centipede range here

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