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Accuracy and efficiency in hand with Stabila LAR 350 site laser

On-site measuring tasks can be completed quickly and accurately with the new Stabila LAR 350 rotational site laser, packed with features for increased productivity in every phase of construction.

The fully automatic, motor-driven rotation laser for horizontal and vertical applications as well as manual inclination in two axes, provides accurace results in no time, with a fast self-levelling function that works within 10 seconds.

Thanks to the laser’s Motion Control, operation is simple, with a movement sensor in the remote control detecting every hand movement and transmitting them to the laser using infrared technology up to a distance of 20m. Rotation speed, size and position of the scanning area and actively rotating laser, plus the inclinations of the X and Y axis can all be controlled easily, by turning the remote control to the right or left.

As well as the rotation function (horizontal and vertical), and the plumb-line function (above and below), the line function with SCAN mode enables direct work on the laser line indoors, while the DUAL SLOPE inclination function allows precise adjustment of the rotation laser inclination by remote control. As a result, the levelling plane can be tilted by up to 5° on two axes.

For vertical operation, the vertical levelling plane can be tilted by up to 5° – a useful feature when performing vertical levelling and marking tasks. Using the remote control during vertical operation, an axis can be automatically and accurately aligned with the target point of the REC 300 Digital receiver, making tasks such as positioning partition walls far easier.

A new LED ASSIST system enables the laser to be monitored visually from a distance: while the laser is being positioned, integrated LEDs emit a warning if it is outside of the levelling range. When the inclination function is being used, the LEDs indicate which axis is tilted. When tilt mode is active, the white LED is constantly lit, while flashing LEDs indicate inadvertent shocks and vibrations. Additional indicator lights provide information on the battery and temperature status for ease of operation and safety in the workplace.

With lasers now commonplace on building sites, the SECTION mode function on the LAR 350 is particularly useful, restricting the rotating laser beam to a specific working area and prevents it from interfering with other lasers.

Robust enough to withstand wear and tear from any construction site, the LAR 350 is equipped with the STABILA Protector System so it can withstand being dropped from heights up to 1.80m. The battery-conserving standby mode ensures a long operating time and means you can pick up where you left off when the device is switched back on, with the previous function setting retained. Waterproof and dustproof in accordance with protection class IP 65, the laser  can even be hosed down and cleaned.

View the Stabila LAR 350 here