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Suspension for your knees with Redbacks

Whether you’re laying flooring, low-level decorating, carrying out ground maintenance or simply grovelling to the boss for a pay rise, you probably spend more time on your knees each day than you realise.

Despite this though, while a high-vis vest and hard hat are common procedure in terms PPE when working on site, protection for your knees is given much less thought and often just a bog-standard set of kneepads are expected to suffice.

The reality is though that not protecting your knees properly can lead to some pretty nasty health complaints in the long-term. Forget builder’s bum and think housemaid’s knee – a painful condition that is becoming all too common among the trade. The effects of relying on less than adequate knee pads can also be felt more immediately too of course, if you take a tumble or kneel on a sharp nail the damage is felt instantly and its effects can last a long time. Of course you can’t predict an accident, but they will happen and the best remedy is prevention rather than cure.  

Our knees are like hinges and the largest joints in out body, used not just for kneeling, but supporting our whole body weight when walking, running, climbing stairs, kicking and crouching. Without them the simple process of sitting and standing up again becomes an impossible task, let alone carrying out any type of physical construction work.

The type of kneepads you choose to wear will go a very long way to preventing your knees coming a cropper. The good news here is that a great deal of research has been made into the design and construction of this essential PPE item over the last few years, so you don’t have to do too much to make the right choice.

Some of the most common kneepads offer protection in the form of foam padding, which works by compression and does little to cushion from real impact or to support the joints. Redbacks offer an alternative to this, with a patented moulded leaf-spring suspended in an arch by a flexible honeycomb matrix. When pressure is applied directly above the spring it bends, dispersing pressure and distributing weight evenly. The matrix provides a holding structure for the spring to control its bend and stabilise the entire structure, allowing pressure to be distributed evenly time after time.

Both the honeycomb matrix and the leaf-spring are made from the same thermoplastic injection moulded material, ensuring a high compression rate and 100% recovery to its original shape, which means no loss of function over time, a bit like with a memory foam mattress or pillow. Unlike foam, this patented technology distributes body weight evenly elevating knees to relieve back pain and reduce pressure on knee, leg, ankle and foot joints. Essentially, the kneepads auto-adjust to the user’s weight, becoming a tailor-made solution for each owner. 

It is this memory aspect to the material that elevates our technology above the competition. Differing from basic foams such as PU and EVA, which provide limited cushioning by air pockets that collapse relatively quickly, Redbacks Cushioning Technology ultimately performs at a higher cushioning rate for longer, enabling you to work harder for longer in greater comfort.

Put simply, not protecting your knees can affect your future mobility, with not just your knees taking a dent, but your finances too if you’re forced to rest up and can’t work. One knee injury can account for around 15 days away from work, which all adds up particularly if you’re self-employed or don’t receive sick-pay from your employer. Take a look at the NHS figures to get a feeling for the reality of the problem: there are currently over 104,000 annually registered knee operations by the NHS, with 50% of these accredited to occupational hazards.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, as there are some simple measures you can take to guard against all this. If you do kneel frequently as part of your job then make sure you bend and flex your legs regularly, this keeps the knee joint lubricated and reduces risk of injury.

Constantly moving around on your knees can cause painful friction burns and damage to the tissue and you should make sure you change posture frequently too, but on the flip side staying too still for too long decreases the flow of blood and nutrients to your tendons, ligament and cartilage which is often when the long-term trouble sets in.

Redbacks Pocket Knee-Pads are ideal for inserting into the knee pocket on your work trousers and offer thermal protection from warm and cold surfaces and are waterproof. They can be left in your trousers for washing at 40C and will remain as good as new, so once out of sight your knee joint problems can also be put right out of mind. 

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